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05.06.2013, 18:00   ---   The count-down is on… only 10 days to go!  

Eventually every journey comes to an end and so does mine. Several reasons, but especially my love to Fiji, made it heaps easier than ever imagined to make this decision and let me return home now. I am just on my last little detour to Mexico and in only 10 days I will be back in “Good Old Germany” – certainly a weird feeling being so close to the end of my journey, but also very exciting and full of anticipation. And the next adventure will come for sure! :-)

06.04.2013, 12:00   ---   Home-bound

Being in Fiji now I am just before the International date line with a time difference to home of 11 hours - I can't go away any farther!
So from now on I am officially on my way home!

04.03.2013, 12:00   ---    Rest in Peace!

Relatively at the beginning of my trip I spent 7 unforgettable weeks with Ling and Michael in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana, a time full of new impressions and adventures, which are still some of my best memories until now. Nobody else have I ever spent that much time with on the road.

Today I had to find out that Ling died in a tragic ski accident. It's hard to realize, but her lovely, fun character, her spontaneity, love of life and sense for adventure will always be in my heart. My thoughts in these moments are with Michael und their little son Uldric...

03.01.2013, 01:00   ---   End of the world

After a short unvoluntary break the website is finally up to date and under control again! My laptop must have taken that end-of-the-world-bullshit a bit too serious and decided to destroy itself, leaving me fighting for quite a while with that bloody brand new mashine, which just didn't do what I wanted... but we're getting there slowly! ;-)

I hope you all had a merry Christmas in the meantime, some relaxed holidays and last but not least made it smoothly into 2013!


21.09.2012, 19:00   ---   All the good things come in threes!  

For two years I’ve been living and enjoying my freedom in the big big world. We’ve got a saying in Germany that says all the good things come in threes, so let’s make it another year. ;-)
A huge thanks goes to all my wonderful companions along the way for uncountable fantastic moments and to all my beloved ones at home who let me go, stand behind me and are patiently waiting for my return!! :-*

25.08.2012, 19:00   ---    Settling down for a bit

Now that I found work in Darwin it feels really good to settle down for a bit and have some sort of home in civilisation. So for the moment I can be contacted on my aussi phone number again (+61 424 079 268) and until further notice I live at the following address:

8 / 15 Duke Street
Stuart Park  NT  0820

07.03.2012, 16:30   ---   Have a break!

I admit, I’ve been abandoning my website a lot recently. After all those months on the road and writing I badly needed a break of it all, therefore the rather irregular stories and photos.
But I promise to be better in future and from now on I’ll roughly try to write a weekly update and also to upload new photos soonish. Thanks for your patience! :-)

01.01.2012, 10:00   ---   Happy New Year!!!

I wish everyone a happy new year and hope you had a fantastic start! Whoever is still celebrating in this moment may have a drink for me. Have a brilliant 2012!

:-) :-) :-)


09.12.2011, 11:30   ---    10.000 visitors!

Wow! My visitor counter just passed the 10.000th, incredible how many people seem to drop by here regularly. But it's so damn anonymous... you know me, I'm curious! :-P So tell me, who's keeping track of my trip? Just leave a short note (guestbook, email, facebook...), the first 10 will get a postcard, haha! ;-)

21.11.2011, 15:00   ---    New phone number

Well, for now I've got an Australian phone number: +61 424 079 268
Incoming calls on my German mobile number are relatively cheap while I'm in Australia, too, but in case you wanna call that one you'll just need to give me notice via a message on the Aussi number so I can just exchange the sim-cards. Oh, and be so kind to mind a possible time difference. ;-)

21.09.2011, 10:00   ---   One year on the road!!
Excactly one year has passed since I left everything behind at home and left for this journey, incredible how the time is running!
There have been loads of ups and also a few downs and after all it has been a dreamlike, adventurous and unforgettable time!!
I slightly missed my rough aim to reach Australia after about a year, but I'm on my way and quite close already, my savings still last to feed me and I haven't been homesick enough yet to book a return flight.
I'm excited to find out what's coming up next! :-)

02.05.2011, 17:00   ---    Improvements

I've been a little busy the last days and made some efforts to improve the sidebar. I hope everything's working properly, if not let me know!

Also the map with my route is finally up-to-date again and now there's a complete list of all countries and periods as well.

13.01.2011, 10:00   ---   Plenty of updates

Internet was very rare for quite a while and will probably still be the next weeks. But I was still busy and now there are 3 new stories and heaps of new photos. Enjoy! :-)

24.12.2010, 21:15   ---   Merry Christmas

Santa and I wish you a Merry Christmas! Spend some relaxed days with your family and friends and enjoy the probably best time of the year.

And last but not least: Have a smooth start into the new year!!!

14.12.2010, 07:00   ---   No phone calls

As I'm in South Africa now and receiving phone calls in this and probably all the following countries will cost me a fortune, please don't call my mobile phone number anymore - except of emergencies of course!
Text messages are still alright and there's also Email and Skype... :-)

13.11.2010, 10:00   ---   Problem solved

Thanks for waiting, now the photos from Cairo and around are finally online! :-)

20.09.2010, 22:45   ---   First "real" update

It starting now! My first diary entry is online and also some photos of my farewell-party. Enjoy! :-)

09.09.2010, 22:00   ---   Page-Refreshing

If you saved my homepage in your favourites it might not be refreshed instantly when starting. Usually you just need to press F5 to refresh the page and see all the latest updates.
Unfortunetly I haven't found a solution for this fault yet, but I'm happy about any advice. ;-)

18.08.2010, 21:00   ---    The departure is set

Well, it's now over with those loose plans for my final departure date! ;-)
On September the 21st I'm gonna leave my hometown Versmold to go to Munich for the Oktoberfest with some friends. Afterwards I take the train to Italy. Everything else remains to be seen...

Of course the Countdown-Timer has been updated accordingly and it's only 34 days to go now!!! :-)

16.05.2010, 15:00   ---   Welcome

After a long time of nerv-wrecking development (especially for a bloody HTML-beginner like me ;-) ) I can now finally say:
Welcome to my Homepage!!! :-)
Well, there's not much to see yet, but will be soon. The journey starts in about 127 days and then the diary and gallery will be filling up quickly!! ;-)

But till then there's still a lot to do...

And if you find any faults on the page (wrong/missing links, images not shown... whatever) please let me know, so I can try to fix it.


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