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02.08.2012, 01:00   ---   Surprise surprise!!!

5 weeks have already passed since I first put my feet on German ground after almost 2 years of travelling, which dropped the jaws of quite some people! Only 3 friends of mine knew about my planned holiday at home and it was heaps of fun to surprise many others! :-D
Luckily I didn’t get a jetlag at all and so I instantly started off to a 5-week-marathon of catching up and partying! There was a beautiful wedding, several birthdays, a visit to Hanover , a pub crawl through Cologne and heaps of parties at home. Meanwhile I snacked my way through the German cuisine, enjoyed the luxury of sleeping in my own bed and could finally ride some dressage on the back of a familiar horse again. And on top of that came the long summer nights, 10pm sunsets and affordable beer! To make it short: I’ve had 5 stressful, but absolutely gorgeous weeks among family and friends!!
After having an extremely short last night at home I fell asleep instantly after boarding the plane, didn't even notice the take off and now the first leg of my return trip has already passed. Here in Dubai it’s just after midnight, but the outside temperature is still 39°C – I’m pretty glad to head off again, before the heat of the day comes in! ;-)

05.08.2012, 22:00   ---   Rainy dry season

After what seemed like an eternity on planes and at several airports I eventually reached my first destination on Thursday evening: Singapore – the highly polished and probably cleanest spot in Asia . But instead it’s got a terrific humidity (in combination with a fair heat of course), fogging glasses inclusive once leaving a building! ;-) Tori and Michael, with whom I had explored Jordan ’s Petra 1,5 years ago, are living here these days and had offered me a place to stay – it was great to catch up with them again!!
And again I luckily didn’t even get the usual jetlag. When I arrived in the late evening I was obviously very tired and accordingly slept through all night (after having smartly slept on the first flight at Singaporean night time, too) and obviously ended up being perfectly adjusted to the new timezone. :-)
According to the calendar it is dry season in Singapore right now, Tori told there hadn’t been any rain for 2 weeks… and what did I get to see? And to feel? Right, torrential rain!! Nearly two days long!! Well, at least it wasn’t my first time in the city state and this time I had mainly come to shop around for a new camera. That’s often heaps cheaper in Singapore than elsewhere and I was quite excited to go bargain hunting! However, the camera of my choice in particular ended up not being a massive bargain, but still a bit cheaper than in Germany or Australia . ;-)
When it finally stopped raining I took the chance to stroll through the Arab Quarter for a while (I must have missed that last time) and indeed it feels like being in a different world, wonderful! :-)
Finally it was time to board my very last flight for now – back to Australia – and I gotta say I am pretty sick of planes at the moment! ;-) Not even my worldwide all time favourite Changi Airport in Singapore could make that any better!


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