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15.02.2011, 9:20   ---   4x4 only

We spent the last week in Botswana and surprisingly it’s not as expensive as expected. On the contrary, many things are even cheaper than in Namibia and South Africa . The only thing that makes travelling here expensive are the national parks, as unlike in the neighbouring countries they are only accessible with a 4x4. So we couldn’t get anywhere with our little Kia and had to join tours instead.

Our first destination was Kasane at the Chobe National Park . Everywhere along the streets are plenty of elephants and sometimes antelopes, really cool, and on the campground we met the overland tour group again, that was so fascinated of our rhino-door in Etosha. As we couldn’t enter the Park on our own we booked a boat trip and that was great. First of all it’s a different perspective and so we cruised gently down the river while baboons were splashing at the shore, buffaloes and elephants were drinking, crocodiles sunbathing… from time to time hippos lifted their heads out of the water and heaps of birds were everywhere. That was so beautiful and also some new things again. For the first time we saw crocs and hippos and a huuuuge herd of elephants!! At one point there were just more and more elephants marching out of the bush towards the river, in total about 40-50 and also cute little babies among them. :-)

The next day we continued to Gweta, where we did quite a disappointing tour to the salt pans along with two other girls. The pans were pretty cool though, but during the wet season it’s too dangerous to drive far into them (even the 4WDs can get stuck there) and so we could rather imagine their size than experience it. Very cool indeed were the amount of zebras. No kidding, there were thousands, one of the biggest zebra migrations in Southern Africa !! And on top of that also a group of vultures along with a jackal lingering around a newly born dead zebra-baby and waiting for its mother to leave it behind…

Our last stop was Maun at the Okavango Delta and as we didn’t want to do another boat tour we simply chartered a plane instead (sounds quite cool, right? ;-) ) to watch elephant, hippo & co. from a bird’s eye perspective. That was absolutely stunning! With a little Cessna we flew above this beautiful landscape and enjoyed the incredible view over the vast delta.

And with this excellent experience our journey gets to an end. Yesterday we drove until Francistown and after 6,5 weeks and about 11.000 km in total it’s time to go my own way again. I truly enjoyed this time a lot, but I notice more and more that I miss my independence. So now, Ling and Michael are heading slowly back to Cape Town , while I test the African public transport and make my way to Zimbabwe – I can’t wait! :-)


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